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Glass photography is clearly not so simple.

Important issues are seeing the edges, seeing the quality of the stemware and or nuances which may be details that really need to stand out. There are several approaches to photograph glass. We use whichever meets the needs of the specific piece. If we are shooting wine with food, then it crosses over to a 'lifestyle or glamour shot.' The lighting changes, not so much as a product image, but a more 'realistic' approach, to the image as a whole. Like it could be in your home. See it in your home. Sell a story, sell your product. 


Stemware with Pouring Wine

Art glass can be very dimensional and that needs to come across in the image. The color is also extremely important.  Whether it's earrings or large items like glass bowls, trophies, or stained glass for windows or otherwise, clarity and color is a must! Our high res files meet the highest standards in digital photography.   

Art Glass Photography  .  OSP Photography 

Art Glass Photography  .  OSP Photography 

Written honestly by Susan Bruno ~

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