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 Photographing products for  thehealthandwellnesscompany



One of the great benefits of being a shooter of products, is meeting new people, learning about new products, and innovations of the creative thinkers. Whether it's pillows or pills, as a photographer I know lighting is KEY. You have a vision of what you want to see for your product's image. You've thought about it in your dreams, looked over other websites to find the style, the final appearance your are looking for, and now you need a professional photographer, and graphic team to complete your plan. 

Very important point here is; this product we are posting on our OSP blog page (that we photographed), is awesome! It works! Getting to try new products is pretty cool too. 

 Photographing products for  thehealthandwellnesscompany

We can be part of your team, as the professional product photographers. Also, we have great references for graphic artists we've worked with and designers for package design. OSP styles most of our own shots with props and without. 

Honestly written by: Susan   .  Our Studio Productions  .  1737 e 2nd Street, Scotch Plains, NJ


Looking for a Professional Product Photographer | Scotch Plains NJ

Looking for a Professional Product Photographer  |  Scotch Plains NJ

Product photography, professional product photography is the only choice to promote your products, your website and your reputation as a quality company. That's where product photographers come in. Of course since I am writing this blog, I think you should inquire further to see what we can do for you.  :) . My sister and I are partners in a photography business that we have been running for well over 25 years. The thousands of images we have shot on film and captured digitally prove our experience in being behind the camera's lens. 

Photography is a learned talent. There are no formulas to each type of product to photograph. But there is experience. Experience in knowing the techniques to use, lights, lens and so on. 



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Lighting, the Essential Tool of Professional Photography  

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 Details are in the Lighting

Grain & Texture

The importance of professionally lighting any product cannot be stressed enough. Can you or your mother take a picture, well yes of course! Will the grain and color be captured accurately? Maybe not so much. 

Our Studio Productions is using this image of a wood table with square metal inserts as an example of how lighting can bring out detail. Here the wood grain is very important. The color of the wood is another aspect of selling this table to a customer. It needs to be accurate and look fabulous! Product photography can be very exciting. Even photographing a screw or door hardware, by using lighting to emphasize the beauty or importance of the subject matter.


In our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio we can meet with you to discuss your product photography project. Test shooting is available. If you own a company small or large lets meet and see what we can do for you and your team. Quality photography is super important when selling a product online, so let us show you what we can do to help.

Look-Book Apparel Photography NJ . Our Studio Productions Web Catalogs

Look-book photography with or without models is a fantastic, needed essential for your website. It tells a story about your product, your brand and also the quality of your line. Our Studio Productions Photography, AKA, OSP has just the photographer & studio you need. A good team on set of professionals such as: A prop stylist, hair/makeup artist and of course an experienced studio photographer. 

Dictionary Meaning




  1. a set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes.


Photography for Look-book

What is this? Without a point of reference we wouldn't know for sure.

Now you are getting the whole picture.


Now we know what it is. A scarf, of sorts.


To be continued...

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Susan Bruno.  Our Studio Productions Photography.  908.276.2229 

E-Commerce White Background Photography | OSP | Our Studio Productions

Professional Photo Lighting is Not a Template

Safe Car  Jackets_OSP.jpg

e-commerce photos

white background white background yes, white...

While most commercial photography is creative, you would be surprised just how much a simple product shot / capture / image / picture can be.  First of all the product can be styled in such a way that, as it should draws the consumer in for a closer look. Our Studio Productions uses flash photography lighting to capture all the important details of an item. While literally anyone with a camera can shoot a picture of a product, but with e-commerce you need a professional photographer with the lighting skills to really see details, and with zoom capabilities. High resolution is also important so your photo can be blown up, zoomed into and keep it's resolution. Color is another extremely important feature we an achieve with our super hi-res files.

Product photography here at our Scotch Plains photography studio takes place Monday-Friday, appointment only, no walk-ins. 


Safe Car Coats   Photography by OSP . Scotch Plains, NJ

Safe Car Coats 

Photography by OSP . Scotch Plains, NJ

The link above is an example of e-commerce photography by OSP, Our Studio Productions on Etsy. This is a new product line our client is selling on Etsy. What a great idea these coats are! Check them out please. 

Healthcare Photography  |  Medical Device  |  E-Commerce Photos | NJ

Healthcare  |  Medical Devices  |  E-Commerce Photos


Healthcare products

photographed for print & web

The beauty of photography healthcare products is it's a lot of well designed packaging and interesting product lines. Everything needs to be captured clean and sterile looking. Our photographic images need to be precise, sharp and clean. Of course there is Photoshop to purify every image, with retouching and spotting, but we generally take the photographic approach first.  

Healthcare and medical device photography is a type of shoot where patience and perfection in the photographer is needed. Also, in the client as well.  Photography is not a formula. Photography is lighting. Lighting is an art. A learned art. It takes practice and patience.

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno . Our Studio Productions Photography . Scotch Plains, NJ .

E-Commerce Photography | Our Studio Productions Photography | Product Photos

e-commerce photography


White backgrounds. A must for e-commerce online sales. 



When photographing even the seemingly most simple things for the web, we need pure white backgrounds 98% of the time. By pure white I mean 255% white. How it is accomplished is within Photoshop a pen tool is used to draw around the item, and selecting the path, and filling the outside area with nothing or and white. This process is sometimes difficult depending on the item's shape, texture and degrees of opacity. 

It's just one of the requirements of e-commerce photography. The other is good quality images. Several reasons for this: To stand out, for zooming, overall appearance and what the image quality says about your commitment to your product line. With so many e-commerce sites out there, you really need to stand out from the crowd and use professional photographs to highlight your company from others. A continuity of images, shot/photographed with the same quality as the one next to it. 

Advertising Photographers


Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Honestly written by Susan Bruno  .  our studio productions  .  908.276.2229

Product Photographers | Scotch Plains, NJ | Union County Product Photography

How far do you have to go for good, no make that great product photography? Not too far, if you are near central New Jersey. Our photography studio is in Scotch Plains, NJ with all mass transit near by. 

Our Studio Productions photography has been around, for a long enough time to have established itself as a full service, high-quality, easy to work with photography studio. A professional photography studio. I need to emphasize this because this is our full time career/job and it's simply what we do. Production to getting your high res files out the door so to speak, in a very reasonable time. Whether for e-commerce or high quality print work its what we do.


If it's your first time using a professional photographer or a seasoned art director looking for a studio to produce beautiful images please consider Our Studio Productions. AKA, OSP. 

Written honestly by Susan Bruno  .  .  908.276.2229

Our Studio Productions  1737 E. 2nd Street, Scotch Plains, NJ

Product Photo Studio | Web Photography | Catalog Photographers

Photographing, shooting or capturing images for commercial/advertising, whatever the term you use, it's what we do here in our Scotch Plains photography studio. If you are someone looking for a photographer to photograph your products for e-commerce, catalog or any of use for advertising please continue to look through our website to see what we can do with lighting and many years of practicing our photography skills. 

Studio lighting setup at OSP

Our list of advertising agencies and their art directors that we have worked with over the years, is long. Photographing just about anything you can think of. Places too. Like Trump Golf Course in Bedminster, NJ. 

Trump Golf Course Bedminster

Cold, brisk, break of dawn mornings and we were there tooling around in a golf cart getting some great shots. I mean of course, photographic shots. Great experience up in a cherry picker shooting all over the course, so beautiful.

Most of our work in done in our studio, for a more controlled lighting situation. Not many surprises here. We set up and shoot. On location, especially for instance a golf course, there's lots of moving around and repositioning of our equipment.  Studio photography is civilized. LOL. 

Professional Photography of Products | New Jersey Scotch Plains | OSP

A product shoot of rugs here in our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio. Diane and I built the set, and style using props we keep here and others we purchase specially for individual shoots. Our main concern is the product, in this case the rug itself. 

Product photography is many different things. So if you are looking for a professional product photographer you are going in the right direction to achieve making your product, whatever it is look great. Presenting your product with a high quality photograph makes a very important first impression. Go for it and hire a product photographer with experience and one who understands the importance of the photo for you.

Written honestly ,

Susan Bruno  .  Our Studio Productions Photography  .  908.276.2229  .  Scotch Plains, NJ

Glass Photography . Art Glass . Wine Glass Photography

Glass photography is clearly not so simple.

Important issues are seeing the edges, seeing the quality of the stemware and or nuances which may be details that really need to stand out. There are several approaches to photograph glass. We use whichever meets the needs of the specific piece. If we are shooting wine with food, then it crosses over to a 'lifestyle or glamour shot.' The lighting changes, not so much as a product image, but a more 'realistic' approach, to the image as a whole. Like it could be in your home. See it in your home. Sell a story, sell your product. 


Stemware with Pouring Wine

Art glass can be very dimensional and that needs to come across in the image. The color is also extremely important.  Whether it's earrings or large items like glass bowls, trophies, or stained glass for windows or otherwise, clarity and color is a must! Our high res files meet the highest standards in digital photography.   

Art Glass Photography  .  OSP Photography 

Art Glass Photography  .  OSP Photography 

Written honestly by Susan Bruno ~

Our Studio Productions Photography  .  1737 E. 2nd Street  .  Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Commercial Photographers . Product Photography . New Jersey . OSP

All products are subject to photography

Are you working in an ad agency? Or are you either a new product developer, manufacturer of a product you need photography of? Whether selling online or advertising in print ads you need to showcase your product. Quality in a photo of your product, shows you as insightful of marketing your product the best it can be. Your product stands out as a well made, thought out product. Gives you an edge.

Flatware on white with clear glass marbles. Product Photo.

Flatware on white with clear glass marbles. Product Photo.

Lighting effects each product differently. Specialty lighting is a must with reflective pieces. The simplicity of this photo directs the eye to exactly where you would want it, on the flatware.

Artists know that directing the eye to what they are selling, and sometimes while telling a story too, is what sells their product. Professional photography helps to do just that. 

Our Studio Production's photography studio is in a great location. Scotch Plains, NJ on a road local to major highways, trains and buses. We have plenty of FREE parking and great restaurants all around us. Please contact us for project quotes, and usually a free test shot of your product. 

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno

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Commercial Photography in NJ | Our Studio Productions

Is having experience as a commercial photographer important these days? Is having experience in any profession important? Most would say yes. Especially if you are looking to hire a commercial photographer. Putting the very best image out there to sell, or inform consumers is vital to your success as an advertiser, manufacturer or a Shark Tank ( Or facsimile thereof) entrepreneur.

Being a professional photographer for dare I say, over 25 years, allows me to say we literally have photographed hundreds of different kinds of products. We welcome your emails, or phone call for quotes on your project.   :)

Commercial Photographers & Advertising Agencies

Photo Collaboration with Ad Agencies

For over 25 years Our Studio Productions has been collaborating with many, many advertising agencies working towards that great hero shot, as some call them. We as photographers simply call the final image or capture, as the "Thats it shot." The final. But, is there really ever a final? So many times after client approval, via email, text or by them actually being present at the shoot, we go back and tweak the lighting or a prop, to get it just right. Many of these changes no one would barely notice, but Diane our photographer sees small changes that just might make a difference, and yup, most times they do.

Ad agencies with all their talent, make great collaborators on photo shoots. They know what they want; a vision of their client's product come to life, so to speak. Advertising photography has certainly changed in the last 20 years. Digital photography too has changed, and provided the changes that shape what we see in ads. 

So often now our art directors, and clients of theirs, do not come to the photo shoots. Approvals are made via email and of course texting too. This makes everyones time much more productive, including ours. It's really a great thing. 

If you are working with an ad agency or not, OSP is here, only 27 miles from NYC and ready to get a quote to you, and jump right in to get started on your product photography project. 

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno

our studio productions   .  1737 e. 2nd street, scotch plains, nj 07076   .   908.276.2229

All images respected by copyright laws. Do not use without permission. 

Industrial Photography | OSP Photographers in NJ

We began our blogging using Wordpress, and below is a link to connect to that blog and all the others written.


For the most part industrial photography is not very glamorous, but, at the same time it can be artistic.  The way we see it is how architectural photography is so inspiring, with the sharp angles and contrast against itself or the sky, industrial products can also have that feel.


Photography of industrial products is interesting and valuable to us as photographers. A few reasons for that, the first being lighting techniques. As professional product photographers know shooting a black object against a white background is always a lighting challenge. Not just the